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Alexios De Esparta W.I.P

  • Hello, I'll be direct. I'm making a modification of the Assassin's Creed Odyssey and I modified it, I made a headache in '.OBJ' ', but for some reason when I convert to GTA V and test it in game, the game crashes.
    I need to know what I do to stop this and get 100 pro game. Thank you very much in advance!.

  • Did you happen to rig the ped like apply the correct colours, Weight transfer and such? You’ll need to do those if you want it to work. Also if the polycount is over a certain value, the game will crash.

    Now, you mentioned “headache” so uh do you mean Head model or something else? Sorry I’m an old man to understand these terms.

  • @MegaDeveloper Hello Friend. I've been able to solve the head problem by then. I'm having problems with other parts (like the torso) and problem to adapt the clothes (shirts) next to the arms of the character of GTA Online.
    In the fact of the '' headache '', perhaps Google has misunderstood, because since I am Brazilian and I do not know how to write English well, I had to use his help. What I meant was that I did modify a head and export it as '' .OBJ '', and in the case I had several headaches because the .OBJ gets very bugged in the game.

  • @Aryel_2003 Ah I see, well this is a process of creating and rigging peds, but since this looks like a replacement for some online free mode components, there is a tutorial on how to do so which is

    Now this is done in Zmodeler 3, however you can use programs like 3ds max which I do not have experience with, but if you are familiar with it then by all means, use it.

    This is all I can provide, good luck.

  • @MegaDeveloper THANKS, MAN!!!

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