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Maffins latest MOD has a Virus

  • Maffins latest download v0.9998771b has a virus called Trojan:Win32/Cloxer.D!cl. He had mentioned to "@The_D3ViL I can't fix that "virus" for a few days, I'm away." First of all you (Maffins) need to get on it and fix it or take it off of 5 MODS, because you are basically saying you know or knew about the virus. I have this virus as a result of downloading Maffins Upload. How did it get there, as he is the only person who can upload His Mods. I've used his mod before and never had anything like this on my pc and my pc was clean before this. Windows Defender has contained it and is in quarantine. According to Windows Defender and what I have read online this is a Severe threat that can do a variety of thing to your pc. This MOD should be Removed ASAP and looked into Since 5 MODS has had issues with Viruses before. There have been 3,216,130 computers that have downloaded this mod currently...*As of right now Windows Defender has Removed the threat.


    “Virus” - notice the quotation marks? Menyoo has been flagged as a virus for a while now

    Refer to this topic

    Just exclude it from your anti virus

  • @Reacon Thanks... I didn't that, but windows defender has removed it and I removed his mod

  • @Reacon - Don't be fooled. I am not jumping to conclusions, as we are used to say, but do take a look on the profile page of this "visionary". Just registered, with only two posts that are right here before your eyes, badmouthing MAFINS.

    That reminds me of another post that is buried somewhere in this forums where some other (same?) user also tried to "kindly warn" about MAFINS' Menyoo, alleging it was infected with a virus.

    For those who remember the story, Menyoo has some bad press as it was used on Online servers a long time ago and some legal action was also taken if I'm not mistaken.

    All this makes me think that these are bogus allegations from somebody who obviously feels hurt by @MAFINS adding online objects for use in SP trainers or, as a matter of fact, Him even existing in this world. :/ Sad.

    But rest assured, I use the previous version of Menyoo which has also been labeled as a malicious, damaging, dangerous and flesh-eating computer threat. Nothing bad has ever happened to my machine no matter when and how I use this tool...

    Sir, if you have a problem with what MAFINS did or did not do, I suggest you contact him personally. To complain to others about someone else is cowardice and can hardly "clean up the air" as we say back home...

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