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Some models are not loading all the way

  • When I install a swat or army or addon models it’s texture is just like weird it’s been like this for like a month I tried everything that I could think of

  • Come on it’s been over a day


    @The-guy-is-working yes and people have social life’s. no one is paid to help you.

    Have you tried a new game config? How many add on’s do you have? Maybe your pc can’t handle it

  • @The-guy-is-working Some addons require you to change the clothing values such as Head, Uppr and etc. Using a trainer to do so, change the values of each clothing component so that you get the right loadout.

    Facts that you don’t even need to read, but learning is fun!
    Some addons spawn fully because of their ymt such as ig_natalia, that model’s ymt is set to spawn all possible parts and not missing parts. Some don’t because of the type of ymt it has such as a_f_y_juggalo, it has multiple parts that the values can be changed, but if a part is missing, it would show all parts AND missing parts and that you would need to change the values to get rid of it. You don’t have to bother about this if you are not rigging PEDS.

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