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[SCRIPT] Question on ped seizures and/or fire effects.(interesting)

  • Not sure really where to put this and it's pretty far out there but I am attempting to do a Machinima for a sort of school project (portfolio) and I have a scene where a ped is grabbed and is "wrestled" to the ground "realistically".

    I have figured out the grab animation pretty easily, but I was wondering:

    The seizures peds get when tazed and or on fire, is there anything that I can use to trigger it just for that pedestrian? I know of mods where YOU can rag-doll, but is there something for another ped?

    Or if easier, is there anyway to disable the fire effects on a ped and be left only with the result on the body? Not too mod savvy and I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and have ran out of ideas. If not that's OK, I can cut corners and do something else, but it'd be a pretty nice touch. I'd appreciate it and thanks in advance.

  • Menyoo has a decent amount of animations that could have what you are looking for. For the fire effect, pretty sure it could be disabled, not entirely sure how.

  • @MegaDeveloper Oy yeah, like I said I have the grabbing animation down pat! I'm actually using Menyoo as well as a slew of other mods, but I don't know how/if I can disable the fire effects. I tried Google, absolutely useless. Bing as well. This forum is my last resort. Thanks for the response.

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