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Female SAPR model's ridiculous AI behavior

  • Guys, I need your advice in regards to a godawful behavior of the female SAPR model (s_f_y_ranger_01).

    The thing is, my niece loves to play LSPD:FR mod and, understandably, she wants to play using female law enforcement characters.

    She recently tried out the female SAPR officer and we couldn't believe what we saw...

    Any time this character approaches a suspect or is attacked, the model, sort of, takes a life of its own and a player is instantly deprived of a control over it! The game then tries to control the character while a player can only sit and helplessly watch the disaster unfold.

    When the suspects flee, or are apprehended by other officers, we are back in control, but later this situation repeats when she is near the suspects again.

    My question then is - is there an easy way to improve this model's AI so that it does not go crazy at the sight of criminals?

  • You should probably ask this on the LSPD:FR forums as they are more based on that project. Kind of weird why that would happen.

  • Actually @MegaDeveloper I read on the GTA Wiki that this model's behavior in vanilla SP is also flawed. The article says that when a player has a wanted level and is chased by one of the female SAPRs, the moment other agency spawns (say LSPD or state sherif) she will actually attack the police instead of the player. :D

    This makes me think that this model's AI is generally flawed and it is not LSPD:FR exclusive. That is why I believe fixing it in SP will automatically fix the "soul steal" problem in LSPD:FR. It seems very logical that these two things are connected.

    Alternatively, let me ask you a different question. Is there a way to "copy-paste" AI characteristics from, say, LSPD cop model into "s_f_y_ranger_01" file? Something like that anyway...?

  • Oh and by the way - I'm done with LSPD:FR's support forum. Questions never, ever get answered. They just ignore posts and most guys are on their own anyway...

  • @TheMurderousCricket You can replace say, Female cop with the female Sheriff that way you would play as the female sheriff, but you would see female sheriffs in the city instead of Female cops. An edit in the dispatch.meta can be made to swap their spawn positions but changing the AI characteristics might be difficult and probably something to avoid, unless there’s a modder who is capable of doing it, but not that I know off.

    Anyway this is all I can provide and help, good luck.

  • Well, thanks anyway @MegaDeveloper. It's not that very urgent anyway as long as she can play other female chars. :relieved:

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