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Problem Internal instrumentation of some vehicles too bright

  • Good evening to everyone,

    unfortunately I can not solve this problem concerning the too much brightness that is created in the instrumentation (counting laps / Kilometer count) and various bars of some vehicles. After the installation of Visual V and Natural Vision Remastered the game runs perfectly but I find this unpleasant effect, specifically when I put the interior view of the interior of some cars is a high brightness that you can not see the equipment well. Unfortunately I can not remember which add ons this effect is connected to, I trust in your help.
    Thank you in advance.

  • After countless tests I solved the issue by uninstalling the optional NVR add-on called: 16. Brighter Emergency Lights (LSPDFR) that increase the brightness of the emergency lights in the LSPDFR means also increases the brightness of the instrumentation inside normal cars of the game causing the problem in question.
    I hope however that this solution to someone can serve.

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