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Pedhealth Assignment

  • I've been messing about with pedhealth.xml but I don't know how the three traits (strong, average, weak) are distributed. Do different types of peds (citizens, cops, swat, etc) have corresponding traits or is it just randomized?

  • My guess is, it is randomized. Sometimes it takes more than one shot in the chest to kill, say, a Vagos gang member or a cop. Other times it's just one shot (and not headshot) and a guy is dead.

    For example, once I accidentally shot a fellow cop in a thigh while playing LSPD:FR and he went down. :neutral_face: Other times I really feel as if I just waste ammo trying to finish some feckin' gang thug... I don't think there is any rule behind this mechanism.

    Note, however, that you can assign a hand-picked amount of HP's to a ped if you put them into a scene via Menyoo. Then they will "carry" this amount of HP for as long as they exist in the game world. Theoretically, it should be possible to create a ped which is as hard to kill as a truck is to be destroyed.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Only if their ragdoll is disabled, Writhe is a major factor that some of us love or hate. Setting the PEDs health while a ped can ragdoll actually does not make them “hard” to kill. Every ped can be 1-3 shotted or once they fall down, they either have a chance to shoot while sitting on the ground or go into Writhe. Regardless if they have 9999 hp. This is for all peds.

    Disabling ragdoll and setting their hp say 9999 will actually make them difficult to kill as they can’t fall to the ground when they are being shot at. There are Scripts that allow peds to actually keep on fighting even when they have ragdoll and fall to the ground like gta iv. I’m currently using one and I only remove it for like lspd:fr.

  • Ahh, I see. :slight_smile: Well, I admit I didn't quite understand why there are such differences in "toughness" between peds.

    So which script do you use for tougher peds @MegaDeveloper? Might be fun to make the game more challenging.

  • @TheMurderousCricket The ones on this site are broken and don't function, send me a PM and I'll send you functional one to you.

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