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[SOLVED]Export video without audio

  • Hello there!
    Recently i did my first scene with rockstar editor. But when i export video, it has no audio.
    I'm using ExtendedVideoExport following the video tutorial of whanowa

    GTA Version <most recent> 1.1604 rockstar launcher
    EVE 0.4.4
    There is no apparent error, just the lack of audio
    Any help i appreciate it.

    Edit 2:
    I did some tests, reinstalled my GTA, added the necessary mods (scripthookv, =dotnet, nativeui) and the trainer
    I put EVE, set up and got audio. After installing Reshade from the original site <reshade.me> I got the same problem but when uninstalling the shader, I continued without audio. So ... I'll continue testing before pointing out a verdict ...

  • So... i Discovered!

    Inside archive ExtendedVideoExport.ini in [EXPORT] has motion_blur_samples = 0 and i has modificate this value to 30 and EVE logme:
    [2019-01-02 16:23:41] NON 0x2124 script.cpp (line 623): fps * (motion_blur_samples + 1) > 60.0!!! [2019-01-02 16:23:41] NON 0x2124 script.cpp (line 624): Audio export will be disabled!!
    fps*30+1 > 60

    Maybe my computer is not good enough to deal with this auteration.

  • @DHU i am not using a shader mod or anything weird, and i also got done editing and was about to export some clips when i noticed certain sections of conversations and dialogue had vanished. No explanation, they were there a while ago, and now they are not. Some sort of bug or glitch with RS Editor, i am afraid... if anyone knows a fix, please post it.

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