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[SCRIPT] Mod that lets you record for longer

  • We need a script that allows your to record for longer amounts of time in game. Usually I can only record for about 2 minutes which isn't bad. But if I try to do a custom map I can only record for max 30 seconds. Or is there a way to get around this nusance that I don't know about?

  • @GTA-Motorsport Use Mirillis Action! Or Nvidia ShadowPlay or Bandicam. If you are talking about screen recording.

  • @Akila_Reigns I have considered using other apps to record but I want to edit the video in rockstar editor.

  • @GTA-Motorsport Yes, you are right about that. You can allocate more storage to get some more time to record, but not more than 45 seconds. The only solution now is to record multiple clips and put them together in the Rockstar editor. If you do properly, no one will notice that the exported video uses multiple clips. If someone can disable the time limit that would be very appreciated.

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