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Any way to play GTA V after the new update without reinstalling all my mods?

  • GTA V crashes every time I try to play now because it updated and I have it modded. Last time this happened I used RAGE plugin hook to just revert the game version, but now the game version I reverted to is "no longer supported". So now I can't play the game but I really don't want to reinstall all of my mods, I had a lot of them. Most of my mods are in update.rpf, and they replace stock files so it's not a scripthook thing. Is there any way I can fix this?

  • Hey there @Spagoot. Some thoughts and suggestions you may try.

    First thing that comes to my mind is that you might have accidentally edited some of the game files outside the "mods" folder. That is, overwritten the originals.

    I have made the same mistake before and couldn't fix it. In this situation, reinstallation was the only thing that helped...

    Another thing - just because RPH says that previous version "is not supported", doesn't mean you can't run the game. The message is that you can't run it through RPH, but that's it. Unless, of course, it's the RPH that you have to use for some of the mods...

    Another idea, would be to uninstall some of the mods, one by one, and see if a problem recedes with one of the mods. This might be difficult though if you did not pinpoint the files that you changed / replaced.

  • @Spagoot Try reading the stickied posts on the forum. It's been covered a few times already



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