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Texture Loss After A While

  • I play LSPDFR and after about 20 - 35 minutes of playing, I get gradual texture loss. It starts off small and then eventually gets to the point where buildings and roads won't load. I've tried reducing graphic settings, removing any 4k liveries, a different gameconfig, and removing plugins and scripts.

    My PC is new (got it a few days before christmas) and I'm running a 1080ti and i7 8700k. I also have GTA V on an SSD. Any help in trying to resolve this issue would be extremely appreciated.


    @SpickitySpock better off asking on LSPDFR forums

    however, i think i remember people saying running it off an SSD caused issues a while back. have you tried playing it from your hard drive?

  • @Reacon I haven't tried it on my hard drive no, but I wasn't aware that an SSD would cause issues. I'll definitely look into that a bit more.

  • @SpickitySpock You can try setting GTA to highest priority in the Task Manager.

  • @flying_bulletzzz I've tried that, also tried changing the affinity thing in task manager. Thanks for the idea though!


    The obvious questions would be, are you using replacement cars without LODS?
    and / or have Add-On maps enabled?
    and / or spawn Add-On vehicles in your game?
    and do you have LA Roads or Real California Architecture enabled?

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