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[SCRIPT][W.I.P]Vehicles Key/Key Fob

  • Hi, i had created a few car key scripts, but this time i want to get it done in the best way, so i started to model a couple of car keys because i didn't have too much luck online, i found some pay models or high poly model :/.

    So the idea is:
    Use a car key in the player hand (like using the phone) to control your vehicle(in a cool way!).

    How this works?
    Press Down Arrow Key--> Bring the Key/Key Fob--> Use Arrows (You can add as many keys as you want to control the car, up to 14 functions).
    *Added a misc option to rotate the key in hand.

    Key Models:

    i modeled:
    *Ferrari LaFerrari Concept Key(Unfinished/Unconverted).
    *Lamborghini Centenario Concept Key(Ready).
    *Lamborghini Aventador Key(Private/Unfinished).
    *Ferrari 812 SuperFast(Ready).

    In Future:
    *Audi R8(Aventador edited).
    *BMW i8.
    *Ford Mustang 2018.

    So, i hope people interested in this idea can help me with key models for increase the awesomeness of the script :dark_sunglasses:

    *In the script i need help to play a sound from the vehicle when player is outside (that sound when a car pass near the player), i want to play the own vehicle engine sound when start up.

    *I created a system to easily add new key models, customs position, functions, etc, all can be reconfigured.

  • This script also includes real car engine sound?

  • @Willy41007 said in [SCRIPT][W.I.P]Vehicles Key/Key Fob:

    This script also includes real car engine sound?

    In this stage yes, it does, i ripped the sound from videos in youtube, but the quality isn't too good, that's the reason i want to play the car sounds from the game.
    i tried with "play sound from entity" but didn't had luck finding the sound name.

  • @Krlos_Rokr I see. How many cars does this script can work with?

  • @Willy41007 said in [SCRIPT][W.I.P]Vehicles Key/Key Fob:

    @Krlos_Rokr I see. How many cars does this script can work with?

    All the cars, the script automatically draw the lambo concept key, you can change all the settings in the ini file or Pressing F12 in game.

  • @Krlos_Rokr Nice, can't wait for the release

  • @Willy41007 it's released, waiting for admin approval. :)

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