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Reapeated files.

  • Using mods I have seen some files are in several x64 or update files so when you use a mod sometimes must copy the same files into those ones. My answer is... why? Why the game needs same files repeated?


    @huxley what files are you talking about?

  • @huxley

    Thats just basic Grand theft auto 5 Issue's

    back in the day i made custom weapons, and vehicles i also notice that Rockstar likes to keep the old unused file's, also some are still used and even both folders/x* files are both used it's strange if you ask me, but this is just the normal way of this game.

  • @Reacon, Impote Ruiner model ones, for example. I have seen this with a Knight Rider mod.
    @Meestal_Richard the game files looks messy and little optimized :/

  • @huxley

    If Rockstar would clean up the mess they made the game would be a lot smaller in game size.
    Sometimes you see the same car on 4/5 differend places and all of the file's are the same, I don't know why they do the things they do. but they should beginning to clean the game and fix those stuff then the download will be a few gig smaller

  • It is a mess. All of the patches theyve made could of been added to their original directory instead of adding them to new DLC.

    I can only presume...

    So when in doubt, blame shark cards.

  • @Cass Then you would have to install the whole dlc again with one slightly change
    The point of patchday (and update.rpf) is to overwrite files from other archives so you wouldn't have to download whole after hours again because they made one small change, like when they edited the version.txt in update.rpf and you had to download 900mb

    You can use this to your advantage and make your own patchday that will replace existing files, meaning you don't have to replace anything and your mod will be complete add-on

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I dont know still doesnt make sense to me. I see how you can take advantage of patchdays from a modding perspective.

    Take patchday20, thats 450MB rounded up. Why not have the installer send the patches to overwrite the existing DLC that it came from originally.
    Read speed would be quicker. If you have to download the game again, less GBs to download and less spaced used on the drive.

    Maybe im missing a vital point...

    So im basically saying. Have a better system for patching their game.

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