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DLClist.xml causing crashes

  • I followed the instructions to the letter. Editing the dlclist.xml in anyway crashes my game. I've only added 3 new cars. I tried them all at once and one at a time. There's no way I screwed up the files soooo.... what do I do?

    Replacement cars have never been an issue. This is my first time editing the dlclist on a legit version of gta.

  • @GetTheClicker Use a new gameconfig.xml

  • Any specific one?

  • @GetTheClicker
    Download and paste it in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

  • Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

  • Yes, DLC List Crashing Update 2021, yes it is your DLC List causing the crashes watch some vehicle install videos and pay special attention to their DLC List they have... Make a Backup copy of Your Update Folder before Editing any DLC Lists, if you don't already have one. Yours is overflowing with to many DLC's to be able to add more... Most are for online usage. Edit your DLC List like the Installation Videos you watched... Then save your DLC List and you should have no more issues.
    I personally could not add even addonpeds to my list without crashes and was watching one on Permanently Replacing Franklin's car with Jesko 2020 in Hindi (which I don't speak) but I noticed his DLC List was shorter than Mine plus a bunch of other vehicle install videos and put two and two together... Now, I have the Jesko 2020 car for Franklin instead of his slow Buffalo. So yes editing a long DLC List will crash your game. But if you have a backup you can swap back and forth, one for Online and one for Story Mode... Personally, I have two backups in case something ever goes wrong for the Update folder...

  • @Buliwyf ironically enough it only crashes even with one car lol

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