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[SCRIPT] Launch Control System For Supercar/High Performance Cars

  • Since we have amount of supercar and drag race mod, I think we need a script allows player do launch control (raise your car's engine rpm before launch and get better acceleration) in supercar and some specific performance cars just like real life. With this script, race events like race war/drag meet will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

  • Try this out: https://mega.nz/#!n44EWIRJ!XgNNKJ6AU-rI9ZIgSVyIY6AOo5Kr9lY-bYimj96jUiw

    "L" key is to activate/deactivate launch control
    "+" key is to increase target rpm
    "-" key is to decrease target rpm

    It's pretty basic and it hasn't been thoroughly tested but it should do what you're looking for. If you want any changes to be made let me know and I'll try to do what I can.

  • @IAmJFry thanks a lot man but I wonder if this really functional or just for show and is possible to change the activate/deactivate key? I use Simple Trainer and the "L" key is the default key for right blinker.

  • @Willy41007
    Yea from my testing it didn’t make that much of a difference. The tirespin doesn't really slow down the vehicle that much to notice a change with or without launch control. Something like increased torque could be added while in first gear to give it a better launch effect. I played with it a little and added a boost mechanic if a turbo was installed on the car. So when the rpm would reach a certain point boost would begin to build up which would increase torque and power depending on amount of boost. Depending on how far I take this mod I’ll most likely add a config file and controller support.

  • @IAmJFry it's nice to know you're going to improve the script. I'm looking forward for the updated version.

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