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Modding Trouble

  • I have trouble with mods whenever I have to edit extratitleupdatedata.meta files and also if there aren't file location directions in a read me, do I use my mods or update directory?


    @AKorus update should be in mods


    @AKorus said in Modding Trouble:


    Never ever edit extratitleupdatedata.meta, not even when told so by a readme.txt
    It is not needed and could cause problems

    When you have OpenIV installed you get a OpenIV.asi file in your game directory
    That makes sure you can use a mods folder, it even creates one for you

    Your mods should go in \GAMES\GTA5\mods\update\update.rpf
    where update.rpf is a copy from the one found in \GAMES\GTA5\update
    This is one of the files that gets overwritten when an update is pushed by R*
    making it so you have to re-do all mods in update.rpf, again

    When there is no x64e.rpf for example in \GAMES\GTA5\mods and you're told to add new files to it
    then first copy it over to that folder from \GAMES\GTA5\ to \GAMES\GTA5\mods
    Never change files within the original game folder!

    That way you keep your original files intact. This is called the mods folder method

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