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Game still crashing after I updated update.rpf

  • I replaced my modded update.rpf with the new updated one, but my game is still crashing. I have some script mods that don't replace anything but they've never been a problem before in any other update. I have some replacements in the x64 folder in the update folder, do I need to replace that folder too? Any idea why this could be happening?

  • Have you added a new gameconfig after updating? Like one from this website


    And look out for mp cars in sp script, it crashes the game

  • @Spagoot try to remove OpenIV.asi, if the game work then create a new folder on your desktop and move all your mods folder; create a new mods folder and move from the folder on the desktop one rpf by one. So you can find the corrupted rpf

  • @ReNNie oh my god thank you, this worked. and i didn't even need it because I could still spawn mp cars

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