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Pedestrian Riot vs PED/RIOT Chaos

  • Incredible time for mods! I got PED/RIOTS Chaos working first. It doesn't rely on the ScriptHook NET files and so it was somewhat easier to install. The program behaved well from the first and it's amazing. No matter where you are, when activated, this mod delivers. What it does is spawn very pissed off NPC's who immediately start taking out their anger on anyone in their vicinity. This mod allows "factions" whose members don't target each other but will obliterate anyone else. I created a couple of extra factions in mine.

    I have the general faction of rioters that I capped at 30 heads. They will shoot anyone including each other. Next I have the BABE SWAT team of 6 populated by topless models whose aim with their RPG's isn't too bad. They will NOT shoot each other. Lastly I have the SPACE SWAT team of 3 populated by spacesuit wearing NPC's who all wield STUN GUN's. Again, they don't hunt each other.
    It's hilarious to watch the spacesuited NPC's administering tazer shocks to the populace. Note that I took out the exploding type weapons from the general rioter's armory. The only explosions you should hear are from the RPG's shot by the babes faction.

    Next, I got "Pedestrian Riots" working. It's a different mod from a different modder and it uses the Scripthook.net framework so there are a few more files to install. I didn't find this mod very friendly to get going and it still insists on continuing the blaring alarm horn even after I've exited the riot call. I'll be looking into that because this mod is worth keeping if I can make it behave for me. Instead of spawning new NPC's to chase you around, this mod uses the existing NPC's by arming them with a variety of weapons and only one goal. Kill you or anyone in their way.

    Both of these mods are spectacular, maybe even with a few rough edges. They sure gave me a few good hours of horsing around killing NPC's ... or having them kill me.

  • I just tried Pedestrian Riot and PED/RIOT at the same time. They behaved well together overall and produced a nice symphony of chaos in which many of the rioters were after my butt. Very fun.




    I wouldn't mind having a look at your RiotMode_config.txt
    Mine is still pretty much as it came with the mod

  • @ReNNie
    This is the part that does the work. Don't forget to add a comma after the trailing brace character when you add a new faction and keep the formatting the same as the original code.

    "Factions": [
    		// General rioter faction
    		"MaxMembers": 30,
    		"WillAttackSelf": true, // members will attack eachother and other factions
    		"MemberModels": [], // empty = use any random ped model (see below for full list)
    		"Weapons": [] // empty = use the weapons defined in WeaponsUsedByAllFactions below
    		// SWEET faction	of Bikini babes
    		"MaxMembers": 6,
    		"WillAttackSelf": false, // members will not attack eachother
    		"MemberModels": ["a_f_y_topless_01"], // only spawn with this ped model [afytopless added by me]
    		"Weapons": ["WEAPON_HOMINGLAUNCHER"] // override the weapon list defined below, only spawn with these weapons
    		// SPACE faction
    		"MaxMembers": 3,
    		"WillAttackSelf": false, // members will not attack eachother
    		"MemberModels": ["s_m_m_movspace_01"], // only spawn with this ped model
    		"Weapons": ["WEAPON_STUNGUN"] // override the weapon list defined below, only spawn with these weapons

  • Well, I've had a day to play with these mods and I have a clear preference for how mine is set up (not that I won't discover a better one tomorrow night). I have PED/RIOTS set up in 3 FACTIONS. The first is for 30 pedestrian rioters that get random weapons and who kill anything they see including each other, 6 bikini babes that won't shoot each other but they kick the crap out of everyone else with their RPG's, and 3 spacemen who stick together but use stun gun tasers to torture their prey.

    This results in total mayhem. The 30 rioters mill about, seeking safety on occasion behind a car or a doorway. They get random weapons but I've deleted the weapons in the selection list that make explosions to keep the noise and screen shaking from being excessive. (Make sure you keep the formatting the same if you do this.)

    The bikini babes in the SWEET FACTION fan out among the rioters, using their RPG rockets to take rioters out. They will also target a vehicle, such as a police car to fantastic effect. This also creates a lot of spectacles with rocket trails crisscrossing the screen as they seek their targets. The boom-boom sounds are nice and enhance the excitement if they're managed.

    The spacesuit wearing NPC's in the SPACE FACTION sneak around the screen with their limited range stun guns, tazing unsuspecting rioters with several thousand volts. You don't see a flash, you just hear this gurgling sound as the victim convulses. (Sounds gruesome if you put it like that.)

    Fantastic experience! AND ... this evening I combined PED/RIOT with JOIN ME PEDS and had a staggeringly good time.

    JOIN ME PEDS allows you to ask up to 7 pedestrians to join you and fight for you. So naturally I asked bikini babes and built up a nice squad of 5 of them in just a few minutes. Next, on a whim, I spawned a vehicle, the LIMO2 in the Scripthook menu. I puzzled over the mounted gun on top until my squad took their places in the limo. Four of the women sat in the seats while 1 of them operated the gun turret. So I cruised for an hour or more with pedestrians rioting and police chasing me while one of my squad fired away with the 50 caliber gatling gun on the roof and the rest fired out the windows with whatever weapon I happened to be using. It was an incredible experience for my long lost adolescent heart.


  • @Skulhamr
    One quirk I noticed between Pedestrian Riot and PED/RIOT is that in Pedestrian Riot, I seemed to be attacked more often. I'm not sure why that was the case. I'll have to check into it.


  • @Skulhamr
    Note that if you're looking to specify NPC's, you can see images for NPC's in GTAV at the following site.
    [http://ragepluginhook.net/PedModels.aspx](link url)

  • I was asked back-channel the strategies for my choice of weapons for my factions. Actually I was learning as I went so I kept the general faction of 30 members set so they would fight each other as well as other factions and the police. This provides a base of mayhem on which you can build some intrigue, so I set the next faction of 6 members (the babes) to avoid killing each other but attack other factions and the police. I equipped them with homing RPG rocket launchers and kept explosive weapons away from everyone else so the rate of explosions is controlled. Lastly is the faction for what's been called the Spaceman. In truth, I originally picked that skin because I thought it would be easier to see and confirm. I wanted to give them something spacey, so I picked the stun gun. It's stealthy but lethal.

    I'd be interested in strategies employed by other people who have tried this mod.

    Another mod I had fun with yesterday is JOIN ME PEDS. A nice riot was just made for me and my 5 bikini-babe body guards. They work together nicely, wielding whatever weapon I am, and will ride in the car with you or even drive for you.

    [https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/join-me-peds-lua](link url)

    So it's Sunday afternoon, the 6th of January and I'm about to dive back in with two mods active, JOIN ME PEDS, and PED/RIOT Chaos. If I don't come back, please donate to your favorite charity in my name.


  • I'm reminded that I didn't include the first part of the config file for PED/RIOT that includes such things as rioter accuracy and such. I set the rioter accuracy at 48% and that was a little high because the NPC's kept hitting what they were shooting at and clearing the areas. I've stepped that back down to 42% for now to see how the persistence of rioters fares.

    // Can be any key from F1-F8 Sweet Swat Riot 2019-01-05
    "EnableKey": "F7",

    // If set to true, you will never have a wanted level [was true]
    "DisableCops": false,
    // The maximum number of rioters in-game at any one time
    "MaxRioters": 39,
    // Accuracy of the rioters from 1-100 [was 1]
    "RioterAccuracy": 42,
    // If set to true, all rioters will only attack you. Suggestion: use a tank ;)
    "RiotersOnlyAttackPlayer": false,

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