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[SOLVED] All GTA V Muscle Cars Do WHEELIES After December 2018 (1.0.604.0) Update?

  • Hey all.

    I recently came back to play ad mod GTA in mid December. I noticed when launching a muscle car from a standstill, the muscle car has a strong tendency to lift up their front axles (i.e basically almost performing wheelies). I don't think this was ever something that applied to ALL muscle cars before December if I recall. I may be wrong but I honestly don't remember a hearse (Albany Lurcher) ever had the capability of doing a wheelie....

    I'm able to reproduce this by pressing down the handbrake and accelerator at a standstill and then releasing the handbrake. This is reproduceable in all muscle cars as of patch 1.0.604.0. Please note, I haven not modified the handling.meta file after the 1.0.604.0 update. In fact, I had to re-download and re-install GTA just to have a fresh start modding again. The only things I've done is inserted Add-on cars into the mods directory and that is about it.

    Is there a value that I can change in the handling.meta file to reduce their tendencies to do wheelies?

    Here are some pictures to help gauge this issue.

    -- Branden

  • Also, this link shows a difference in launching styles for a muscle car (Ruiner). One image shows me launching the car by flooring the accelerator with no handbrake from a standstill. The second image is a picture of the same car launched by holding the handbrake and accelerator and then releasing the handbrake to launch with a burnout.


  • @ReNNie Thanks!! This is EXTREMELY helpful.

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