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Game crashing after a few seconds with MegaRealistiCarPack4

  • I just installed the pack above and after about 20 seconds of driving around the game will crash. All cars seem to be replaced correctly. My GPU doesn't max out, only gets to about 80%. My CPU doesn't even hit 50%. My ram goes up to about 11GB/32 before the crash (with 7 of it being used up by chrome... thanks chrome) . Is it just incompatible with the latest GTA version or am I missing something? Again, all the cars are replaced correctly, no broken textures or anything. Other mods used are Natural Vision with all its requirements, addon peds, and ENT. I have a backup with Natural Vision, addon peds, and Enhanced Native Trainer that works fine. It only broke after installing the car pack.

    EDIT: This is a new save. I don't know if any previous version have worked as I just started playing this game again after a couple months on a new computer. This means I can't go back to a old version to check anything, sorry. Never used the car pack mod before. If it is the car pack mod, are there any good alternatives you guys would recommend?


    Does it give you any errors when it crashes? Also what game version?

  • @Reacon 1.0.1604.0. It says that the game "exited unexpectedly".

    Sorry about the late reply. I can only post once every 600 seconds because I don't have any reputation.


    @Riisen_Warfare there ya go, you have reputation now :)

    Are they pretty large models in file size? Could be possible the game can’t handle all the large file sizes. Happened to my game before when I had a lot of replace models

  • @Reacon I'm not sure what can be considered large, again this is the first pack I have installed. It was about 4000 mb. Replaced 330 cars with high res versions. Based on other games I would think that is large?

    Edit: changed 400 to 4000


    @Riisen_Warfare 330 cars with high res versions is a pretty large amount. Could be possible that your game just can’t handle it. I replaced like 30 and my game had a seizure

    Probably best to revert to your backup without the pack and maybe only replace some cars

  • @Reacon Ok, thanks for the help!


    @Riisen_Warfare no problem, good luck!

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