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Game running out of memory with "NaturalVision Remastered"

  • Kay, so I've had GTA V for a while now, modded it here and there but nothing too big. probably had a max of about 10 mods at once. I recently installed Natural Vision and every so often I get an error message along with a crash: "game ran out of memory, please reboot" or something alike, it seems I can't really play for more than an hour without this crash. I haven't tried anything like messing with settings or reinstalling the game. I just wanted to know if there is one quick and specific thing that I can do to solve this issue before I start reinstalling, I don't have a lot of time on my hands, so I don't want to waste the time that I do have.


  • Try what Reacon said to do. I have it and it works. No more crashes to desktop with game out of memory. However there are still some issues with NVR that causes crashes to desktop with no errors. If your planning to put addon cars use this to prevent it.

  • I also use it an have for a while an just of recent I have started to get memory error an crash I was blaming other mods but I also had them for ages an used to work fine just seems to be after the last update we had or maybe the one before that because it had gta since it came out an a pretty good pc an just of recent I’ve been getting this memory error and texture loss

  • It may also help if you have more than 8GB of system RAM and more than 2GB of VRAM on the graphics card.

  • @seagSMUSH
    Might give you a little breathing room if you have a small amount of RAM.

    Manually set your Pagefile/Virtual Memory to a large defined amount rather than letting Windows alter it incrementally as it needs it (which it doesn't do very well :/).

    Windows 7/10 Instructions: Start Globe > Right-click 'Computer' ('This PC' for Win10) > 'Properties' > 'Advanced System Settings' (left hand side) > System Properties will open > 'Advanced' tab > 'Performance' area > Settings...' > 'Advanced' tab > 'Virtual memory' area > Change...' (phew) & then set a custom size of something like 16000 to 32000 or there abouts > 'Set' :thumbsup:

    Also, this thread may be of some use to you. Hope you get it fixed :thumbsup:

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