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map and vehicle modding questions

  • hi every one ... i'm new in gta v modding and i have several crazy question

    1- i install add-on car mods & customize them ,then save them in garage and quit the game ;but when i launched the game again ,there is nothing in my garage .... is this normal?
    mods Should be installed every time i want to run game?

    2- creating a standard format mod ( ytf i think) and changing related files ( like vehicle.meta) is possible and effective? because i want my customized car have be saved in my house ( for house and every thing i mean not just cars )
    if yes how can i do that?

    3- i download a .xml map mod for map editor . when i load that , game say map loaded but does not show me an icon on map to find it and when i find its location, there is nothing there .... i should load objects and replace them one by one? while objects doesn't load (or i can't use with map editor or some thing is wrong )

    i will be thanksfull if some body help me ....

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