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Directx 12 and game performance "issues"

  • @a63nt-5m1th I FIXED IT turned out it was a visualsettings issue something to do with the draw distance and loading of certain areas now I hope it's fixed :fingers_crossed_tone1:

    I went back to my old graphics mod too current one was either too demanding or didn't work well :expressionless:

  • @SLY95ZER
    Nice, hope it's fixed :fingers_crossed: Let me know either way & if you can nail the problem down to a few parameters/values that would be ideal. Any info on it is good though. :thumbsup: As mentioned "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" is a pita to solve so the more I know about what is likely to cause it the better :thumbsup: Cheers

  • @a63nt-5m1th It's a pain to fix but so far so good at least 3.5 hours of game time with the new graphics mod

  • @SLY95ZER
    3.5hrs sounds good :slight_smile: Here's hoping :fingers_crossed:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Directx 12 and game performance "issues":

    Sorry, I wasn't very clear on AA. I really meant the in-game AA but the advice applies to any AA you have set. To start, probably turn them ALL off.
    If you are running 4K DSR (3840x2160 or similar wider resolution if you have ultrawide etc) you are going to be hard pushed to run it with anything more than x2 MSAA & still hit 60fps+ minimum frames. When I ran 4K DSR at 1080p I turned off ALL AA in-game & in the Nvidia Control Panel (NCP). On a GTX 1080 (with a little overclock anyway), 4K DSR & No AA you should be able to get a steady 60+fps or there abouts (CPU matters too in certain areas of the game so it's very case dependent).
    Brush up on your AA info here so you understand what the different types are. Stick to what you understand & leave any other settings at default/application controlled etc. Really, there's no quickfire overall solution. If interested, take one setting at a time & Google for info on it.
    You can see my NCP settings in the pic in one of my posts above. I found that I got better frames using the in-game AA rather than NCP AA so that's what I favour but it all depends on your rig. Best way is to monitor your frame rate & see what difference different settings makes as every machine is different.

    Tip: You don't have to quit out of any game to change the NCP settings so it's very quick to test things. Just Alt+Tab out of game, change NCP settings, Click game in Taskbar & then Alt+Enter to fullscreen & see what the changes have done to framerate/visuals etc :thumbsup:

    One thing that can give you a better frames without making much difference to the way the game looks at 4K DSR is dropping the 'DSR - Smoothness' to 0% in the Global Settings tab of NCP. Smoothness just blurs the image without making it look any better. Waste of resource afaic. Take the frames instead :thumbsup:
    If you do use FXAA (this is blur/poor man's AA) or MSAA (proper AA) whether in-game or NCP turn MFAA setting ON in NCP also. MFAA works so that if you have MFAA ON in NCP & set x2 MSAA your game will run like it is using x2 MSAA but will look similar to x4 MSAA. It's a no-brainer. Much better AA but with the same performance.

    Cheers on the sig. Love the way Lewis Carroll used Math logic in a lot of his language :thumbsup:

    Man... Thank you so much for your ultra detailed and informative replies, I greatly appreciate it. Ok after extensive testing the last few days I understand how AA works in general and how it affects game performance. From my limited experience, FPS must be at least 45-50 to enjoy the game and especially when driving vehicles with the "inside camera". I thought that given my system's specs I could easily play the game with everything maxed out (AA included and considering that I play at 2560X1080 not 4K) while -at the same- getting at least 70FPS but it seems like it needs a more powerful graphics card.

    Of course I have not tried overclocking the CPU and/or GPU yet but before doing so I have some reading to do, because as far as I know one could end up destroying/overheating their system if they don't know what they're doing.

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