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Wheel Replace crashes game

  • I had someone make me a couple of custom wheels. I had originally asked for them as Addons, but he primarily makes stuff for FiveM, so I said replace is fine.

    He sent me the .ydr files for the wheels, and when I replace the wheels in my game, they crash my game with the error "ERR_SYS_INVALIDRESOURCE_5" any time I try to use them or a car spawns with them in the game world. I can view the models in OpenIV just fine though.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what is wrong in this instance? I have at least 60 wheels replaced in my game, and haven't had an issue until these. I'm having a hard time getting help so I guess I'm on my own.

    Any ideas?


    on vehicles that error comes up when the author did not adjust the base value setting in zmod or when the verteces / polygon count is too high
    so my guess would be the work is not yet done

  • @ReNNie Got it figured out. He messed up something on the textures and didn't include them when he sent me the wheels the first time.

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