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Exporting video with vehicle mods

  • I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but how do you export videos from the editor with modded vehicles? Either the mod disappears entirely or it says the title of the video violates the terms of service (regardless of what the title is)

  • @repmud00 ,I don't use the video editor of the game, it's uncomfortable to use with that clip system, instead I use the potential of my gpu through MSI Afterburner. With this software I record my videos in hd 1080p, 60fps and in *mkv format. Then I edit them with Cyberlink Power director 17 or Camtasia 8 and upload them to youtube.
    alt text

  • @josketer Sorry I should've clarified, the reason I want to export with rockstar editor is to get motion blur from EVE.

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