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Gims EVO Export Requirements

  • Hi, Im using the latest GIMS EVO Version and Max 2017.

    I have extracted a multi part Ped with their full skeleton to successfully export to GTA V which 100% works for me without modifications.

    Issues come when I edit the mesh, The export is always successful, the problems come ingame, The game will crash for some meshes and not others.

    The crashes are consistent, for example if it crashed the game once it always will, if it did not crash then it never will, so obviously im doing some things right sometimes but not others.

    My question is what is the required absolute process to importing a customs mesh into a Ped?

    In this example I have imported Hatsune Mikus legs successfully and a cube to replace the chest as a test.

    Now if the cube successfully exports why will mikus chest not export without causing the game to crash?

    alt text

    If anybody knows any particular rules to follow please inform me in this post, the only rule I have been able to discover myself so far is that all bones do not need to be used (the cube is skinned to only a single spine bone)

    I am getting tired of these crashes, thank you.

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