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Breakable tuning parts?

  • Someone might know...is it just a waste of time trying or there is a way make tuning parts breakable?
    I haven't found any original car with it. For example.. Bodhi2 (Trevor's car)... it has bumper with extralights as tuning part...it does not crash at all. Some other cars - same. I was trying many "mod_col" ways, but nothing works.

  • @NajPotez
    I'm not sure about tuning/upgrade parts but I've seen plenty of vehicles with breakable extras. Had a car once with a roof rack that would fall off driving over the pavement lol (I fixed that! :slight_smile:).

    You might try checking the vehicles 'vehicles.meta' & removing any:


    Delete them from the said vehicles '<flags>' line if they exist (make backup before edit etc).

    Hopefully those flags cover upgrades/tuning parts too but like I said I'm not sure. I've seen upgraded spoilers cut peds heads off :slight_smile: but I've never to memory seen them fall off a car in a crash etc in ~3 years of playing the game.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yes.. no problem for extras, I can make glass breakable, with collision, just doesn't work same way for tuning parts. Maybe it is not possible at all.

  • Is there a way, maybe, (using flags in vehicles.meta) to "turn on" extras only with a certain tuning parts? Do you know anything about FLAG_EXTRAS_SCRIPT option?

  • @NajPotez
    Have a look at my tutorial here. It pretty much covers all I discovered about how EXTRA flags work & how to force certain ones to spawn all the time etc.
    Sounds like you are going to have to figure out some kind of workaround. Say, like... creating 2 separate vehicles out of the one vehicle & then having them both spawn but with different forced EXTRA's & available upgrades.
    No promises, but tell me exactly what you want to achieve & I'll have good go at finding you a solution :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank You, I have seen your great tutorial earlier, It helped me a lot with my Citroen DS21. This time, I am working on Renault 8 / Dacia 1100. It is not problem, I can get "diferent cars" with diferent extras.. but I would like more:) I want those cars to have tuning upgrade to R8 "Gordini" version.
    I can make it too... but front part, let's call it grill, has extralights. And I would like it breakable. It shouldn't be any random or forced extra part.. it should be upgrade. It works other way..Gordini as the main car with breakable extralights, and Dacia 1100 or classic Renault 8 as "upgrade" with no extralights... but.. upgrade should be upgrade...

  • @NajPotez said in Breakable tuning parts?:

    Renault 8 / Dacia 1100

    This one?

  • @a63nt-5m1th No..LOL.. I did not know for this one, it was not listed under Renault... https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/22603/vehicle-wip-renault8-dacia-1100-r8-gordini

  • @NajPotez
    So you are asking for help with ZModeler3 then?

  • @a63nt-5m1th But doesn't really metter wich car it is.. this is my biggest enigma.. breaking glass or lights on tuning parts... is it possible at all? 2nd one is roof with animation. On those two things i've spent so much time investigating, that I could make at least 10 more cars.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Fact is that even vanilla cars have no breakable glass (or lights) on tuning parts... at least those I have tested - someone should invent something, I guess:)
    Anyway thanks for your time... I am going for some sleep now... have good day.

  • @NajPotez said in Breakable tuning parts?:

    breaking glass or lights on tuning parts

    I really don't know.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I work in Z-Modeler, about 1 year.. I make 1 car per month using it... just, I spend to much time learning, finding out what is possible or not, that is the reason why I started to ask questions here ... to save some time, to make more mods :) If you want to know something about Z-Modeler, ask me, I will tell you what I know.. just, I can't answer right now, because I really need some sleep. :)

  • @NajPotez
    Cheers :slight_smile: Always good to have someone willing to share knowledge :thumbsup:

    I've had a look at the Bodhi2, totally get what you mean now. Even bullets go through those upgraded bullbar lights :/ Your best bet is asking one of the more experienced mod authors if it's possible. :thumbsup:

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