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  • 我火车刷为CRH和谐号是可以的 速度达到了350 可是我人一驾驶火车 最高速度只有在180左右。这是为什么?此外 火车电气化轨道刷出我也失败了 说我施放地点错误,这该如何解决?

  • @hy12345658 Translated: My train brush is CRH Harmony is OK. The speed is up to 350. But I drive a train. The maximum speed is only about 180. Why is that? In addition, the train electrified track brushed out and I failed. I said that the location of the cast was wrong. How to solve this problem?

  • @hy12345658 Try this script, it will modify the trains speed to your desire.


    Use a translator if you don’t understand what I said.

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