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aiming stops driving / no horn bug

  • there is a bug when I aim my gun my car loses all power and starts drifting to the right. and the audio doesn't seem to work for the horn as well.

  • @princegaz

    Total shot in the dark but can't do any harm. :thumbsup:

    Search your C: drive for 'pc_settings.bin' (& also 'cfg.dat', they should be in the same folder).
    Different versions of the game have them stored in different locations (My Documents, ProgramData & possibly other locations) so it's just easiest to search for them.
    Make sure they are together in a GTAV or Socialclub related folder, make a backup of them & then delete them. Load game, see if any different/fixed etc

    Have you tried a different controller? I have one Dualshock 3 (used on PC) that goes epileptic for ~30secs if you press some of the buttons too hard. That little nutjob would dive into menus & start deleting/resetting trainers & stuff if you didn't unplug it quick (replaced now).

  • it happens with keyboard and mouse and controler

  • @princegaz
    Fair enough, not the controller. After backing them up, try deleting those files I mentioned & running the game. It will create new ones & also you can always return to the old ones from the backup if need be. :thumbsup:

  • I found out for some reason it was the no mid-air control mod I had downloaded for a bit of added realism.


    it's always the mods, pesky little things

    bug hunting is best done without asi and dll scripts active, if wierdness still occurs then most likely an edited meta file is causing it

  • @princegaz
    Glad you fixed it :thumbsup: Cheers for letting us know how. I'll remember that one :thumbsup:

  • @ReNNie said in aiming stops driving / no horn bug:


    how do you set a profile photo like yours is still haven't figured it out

  • @princegaz
    Aye, it's kinda hidden away :slight_smile:

    Easiest way is:

    • You click on the letter box of your username at the top right
    • Select 'Edit Profile'
    • & then on the left under the letter of your username there should be a [Change Picture] button
    • Scroll down on the page that appears & you should find a 'Profile Picture' section with a [Browse...] button
    • Select your picture & then hit the [Save Profile] button at the bottom of the page :thumbsup:

    I had problems with it for years where it just wouldn't accept ANY picture I selected but it started working a few months back. Other people had profile pics so I'm not sure what was broken with mine?! If you have any problems with it contact one of the site admins/moderators etc :thumbsup:

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