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(SCRIPTS) Enemy Plane / Boat Spawner

  • Hi all!

    I was hoping to put together a fairly simple script and was wondering if anyone could give any advice on how I could make this happen

    I am looking to create a script that when you push a button, EG 'H' an enemy Nokota will spawn and attack the player at a spawn distance of roughly 90-100 (I've chosen Nokota as its the only propellor plane I am aware of that defaults with MG's)

    (If possible with an INI file so that the button pressed, distance spawned, plane model (nokota, hydra etc) and its livery / colour can be switched)

    Ideally this could be pressed multiple times to spawn multiple fighters. As for ped model, Pilot I guess?

    Is this possible? It surprises me that a mod like this doesn't already exist!

    *** Additional ***

    Also looking to create a similar script for an enemy boat spawner.

    Button Press: J
    Spawn: 4 seat Dinghy
    Distance: around 60
    Ped Model: bogdangoon?
    Weapons: APPistol

    (again preferably with a customisable INI to suit each persons playstyle. Button Pressed, Boat & ped models etc. With ped models I'd say MPPros, but I use them as main allies!)

    I am a COMPLETE newbie to writing scripts, pretty good at editing existing XML and TXT docs but looking to take it a bit further. I said at the beginning a 'simple script' but in my view all scripts are pretty complex! Any advice would be happily received!



  • Send me a message and I’d be willing to help out where possible!

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