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Some peds are not loading

  • I have a problem that some peds just wont load, like tonya, poppy mitchell or shop assistant in vangelico... anyone some advice? When I disable mods folder problem is fixed it loads normally... when I disable only scripts no change... this never happened to me before

  • nothing? Oh goddamn

  • @libertz
    Best bet would be using Search function (Ctrl+F3) in OpenIV to search your 'mods' folder & then track down where those peds are located in the game & then replace the whole '.rpf' with the vanilla one from the game folder. Make backup first etc.


    If it works, any other mods in that '.rpf' will have to be reinstalled also. If it doesn't work & you can't find anyone else with a definitive answer you're kinda stuck replacing one '.rpf' at a time until you find the one/s that fixes it/them & then either leave it like that or use the same process to track down the individual problem files in that/those '.rpf's & replace them with the vanilla ones.
    It may sound daunting but it actually shouldn't take you too long (to find the correct '.rpf/s' anyway, individual files will take a bit longer). Use a bit of common sense & target the ped oriented 'rpf''s first. Keep a note of the ones you have completed if you do it that way (non-alphabetical etc). Best of luck :thumbsup:

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