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NPC's Ignore me and police don't chase me

  • For some reason, In GTA 5 Story Mode, NPC's don't react to anything I do. They don't run when I kill somebody right in front of them, nor punch them, nor steal a car they are a passenger in. But I still do get stars from it. But then the cops never even try to get to me. On my map they are stationary and when I go over to them they don't try to kill me. I do have Menyoo, but I have the "Ignore Player" option turned off.

  • Sooo, I had this problem as well and I didn't find a solution for it as well, but what I did is go to GTAV game folder, and then for me I found 2 files "Trainer.asi" and "Menyoo.asi" , I deleted both of them and when I head to the game the cops, npcs now attack me and doesn't ignore me, and then I just copy the "Menyoo.asi" again to the game folder and now it worked! the npcs doesn't ignore me and the Menyoo works pretty good, hope that helps you:)

  • "4 years ago"

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