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Ability to temporarily ''tag'' a car to avoid it despawning

  • I hate making requests but.. mainly when playing LSPDFR, cars have the tendency to despawn when you aren't looking at them 100% of the time, would there be a way to make a keybind to ''tag''/create blip the nearest car and keep it from despawning?

  • What cars or vehicles do you mean @FalqGTAV? I also play LSPD:FR a lot, but documentation that comes with version 0.31 and the latest RPH build explicitly states that a problem of "police vehicles despawning when you look away" has been solved.

    I noticed something like this in the story mode. No doubt. But not in LSPD:FR...

    As far as your own patrol vehicle is concerned it should, also, not despawn...

    Tell me one thing - when you exit your vehicle, is it blipped with white dot? You can always locate your car that way, for example, after giving an on-foot chase. There is a catch to that however - I noticed that this blip sometimes turns on only in the vicinity of your vehicle. So you have to remember where you parked. :confounded:

    You can always just use one of the persistence mods. But it may be cumbersome and conflict with the context key actions (like opening passenger doors for instance). :/

  • No, not police cars, those don't despawn like you said. The main issue that I have is during a standard traffic stop: I arrest the driver, put him in my police vehicle and as I walk facing my vehicle, the suspects vehicle sometimes disappears when out of view. But it happens even more commonly when the suspect decides to run, and after I chased him down and come back, the suspects car is gone.

    I was curious if there was a way to somehow ''tag'' the suspects car to stop it from disappearing.

  • Ahhh, yes! Now I see what you mean and you are right - it happened to me on several occasions too. :D

    Unfortunately, I never noticed any plugin or mod that would fix it. I just use my imagination and consider it was promptly towed away to an impound. ;) But why would you need such a vehicle to stay on the map anyway?

  • Well, not so much stay on the map permanently, my idea was a way to tag it, then after you're done with the suspect etc etc, just untag it and tow it away or something, this way the vehicle has no way of disappearing.

  • Ok. Then I think a persistence mod should be enough to fill this role. Try this one:


    It basically allows you to "tag" a vehicle, by aiming at it with your phone. A vehicle will stay on the map, until you are ready to impound it. You don't even have to actually enter a vehicle - phone up, aim, hit a key. Tagged.

    A good thing is that this script also saves the damage that a vehicle sustained, (I cannot confirm this however, as I use another persistence mod) so it offers a continuity that you apparently seek.

    Let me know how it works for you. ;)

  • Oh that looks interesting, I love Hunk's mods so will definitely try this out!

  • The only disadvantage to this mod that I can think of, is that it allows you to tag only one vehicle at a time. One per each character, as it was generally made with the Story Mode in mind. So you need to remember to un-tag a vehicle once you drop it off at an impound. Otherwise, you will not be able to tag another one for towing.

    There are some other mods that let you mark virtually unlimited number of vehicles. It really depends on your needs @FalqGTAV and how you manage suspects' property!

    Honestly? Sticky bomb is what some of them deserve. :grin:

  • @MAFINS said in Ability to temporarily ''tag'' a car to avoid it despawning:

    You can try using something like

    True. But you need to enter and exit a vehicle to mark it and in LSPD:FR it's the time that counts. ;)

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