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What i do wrong with my vehicle ( Game crash after start storymode)

  • Hello i have problem with my car with one im trying run on GTA5
    game crash with that error...
    can someone tell me what i do wrong ?

    I'm running the latest GTA V problem is only with my mod AUDI80Q
    not others mods /scripts only what i use is ScriptHookV andScriptHookVDotNet + enchanted trainer
    logs hmm not needed bc game crash on loading story mode so all scripts end on line "INIT: DX init succeeded"
    Yes game working without this mod normal

  • @AQ-TEAM
    Don't see anything obviously wrong with what I can see in your screenshot but post your whole 'content.xml' to Pastebin so I can have a proper look at it. Thanks :thumbsup:

  • @AQ-TEAM
    I don't see anything wrong with what is in there. Even if there was a mistake it shouldn't be causing a crash like that?! (I've not actually seen a crash error like that before. It has perked my interest). I take it the 'carvariations.meta' & 'carcols.meta' that reference the vehicle are somewhere else in the game? Again, even if they are not, the game should load, just the AUDI80Q won't spawn.
    If you're happy to do so, the best way for me to work on this is if you give me a copy of your AUDI80Q 'dlc.rpf'. That way I know it's identical to what you have/if it works in my game it will be diagnostically informative etc :thumbsup:. If you're cool with that upload it to mega.nz or something & share the link with me. You can private chat me if you don't want the link to be public :thumbsup:
    Check my profile on here if you have any doubts, I'm only interested in helping people :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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