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Create a ped?! Help!

  • I really want to know how to create a 3D model of a ped and create a police officer of it. But i dont know how to start. Can someome please help me?!


    @MegaDeveloper makes peds. he might be able to give you some tips!

  • @sjowille Making ped models is quite difficult to create if you have no knowledge on how a program functions and such, it will be very difficult to actually understand what that does what and such. If I were to teach you here, this reply would be an entire page of words.

    It is important to get used to the basic functions such as weight transfer, importing a model and such and adapting to certain situation. I use Zmodeler 3 to make peds which cost money unfortunately and using crack versions will not work.

    You don’t need to use Zmodeler 3 of course, 3dsmax will also do which I’m not comfortable using. There are some tutorials that you can watch.

    If you just want to edit a cop or any model and want to add a part to them or something, watch this.

    I’m currently working on a advance rigging tutorial that will explain everything that you need to know, but might not come out soon so.

    If you have any questions, honestly feel free to PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

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