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[SOLVED] How can I customize cars headlight colors in singleplayer?

  • Hello all.

    I see there is a way for players to customize their car's headlight color in multiplayer mode. Is there a way to do the same in single player? I entered Los Santos Customs to see if I was able to do so but there's no option listed for headlight colors (besides xenon). Enhanced Native Trainer also doesn't list the option for changing headlight colors.

    Just for reference, here's a reddit link to a picture of this:

    -- Branden


    Seems to be part of the new arena wars update, have you tried entering LS customs in one of the new dlc cars and trying it? Might only be available for new dlc cars

  • @Reacon Hey. I tried entering LS customs with a Grotti GTO and a ZR380 but I'm still not given an option for alternative headlights besides xenon. I suspect this option is only for multiplayer but that wouldn't make sense to NOT have mods supporting them in singleplayer....


    have you tried sjaak's Simple Trainer?

  • @ReNNie

    Ahh. How silly of me! I forget that there are other trainer's that are more feature packed than ENT.

    Yes, the Simple Trainer does have the option for me to change the headlight color option. Unfortunately, R* doesn't seem to have implemented any form of RGB ligthing to where users can change lighting to a specific color range.

    Thanks a bunch!!

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