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[SCRIPT] Smooth & fluid cloudkeyframes.xml cloud transitions/fade in/out (ie no pop-in/out)

  • I think the pop-in & pop-out of the cloudkeyframes.xml clouds is a real immersion breaker. If you use QuantV to fade those clouds in & out manually the transition is perfect so it IS possible. It would just be a matter of automating that transition properly when the weather changes (unlike what R* have done & leave it unfinished so that the clouds get to ~10% visible & then suddenly disappear out of sight to be replaced with new clouds that pop-in straight to ~10% visible a few seconds later). It's hard to un-notice it once you clock it happening :/.
    I've created my own timecycle/edited files to hide the pop-in/out & although it does look nice & so far hides the pop-in/out it restricts my full creativity with only certain weathers being able to appear in a certain order after one another (at times anyway). I can live with it but I would really like 100% control over the creative process & smooth unobtrusive cloud transitions would help a LOT :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Thanks to anyone who considers doing this :thumbsup:

  • I could dig that.

    It's true - when you have a clear view of the sky (pretty much everywhere beyond Los Santos) it indeed looks as if there is something otherworldly going on with the clouds. :/

    Also, I think GTA clouds are not even volumetric objects... I could be wrong though - did not have many occasions to analyze this. You would think it is a standard these days but... who knows?

  • @TheMurderousCricket
    Aye, they're just a simple 2d mesh with a texture over them. No volumetric. You can get them to spin/move around the GTAV world but they never change shape. They're ok (without all the 'hey, look at meee! Peek-a-boo! I'm a magical cloud. Oh...:disappointed:, sorry... I didn't mean to make you crash your car. Are we still friends?').
    They're good in darker, moodier weathers, not so great in dusk lighting or with the Sun behind them :slight_frown:.


    Ah it's past noon, carry on drinking!

    I've dropped your request in the #requests channel in our discord too, rooting for it to happen

    btw CW is at v30dev6 over at dexyfex' discord, might want to grab the latest

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