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Feedback Guide to Modding

  • Helllo Everybody, maa friends!alt text

    My idea is to make a little tutorial for beginners with feddback from the forum users, I have some little experience in GTA modding but there is many things that i dont understand.

    It would be great if we can compilate information about some many files and help each other in amateur modding

    FIles like Physicstalks.ymt, materials.dat, weapons.dat, handling.mad...etc. And have a little guide for testing some modifications in this files.
    For example:
    <fImpulseReductionPerShot value="0.743166" />, this is a parameters on Physicstalks.ymt that i have test with trial and error so many times because i never found it in the forum. I think it means that is the percentile of what amount of ragdoll force will be reduced in the next gunshot, but someone correct me if not.
    Thanks in advance from Spain¡¡¡

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