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Possible to install a streamed ped as a replaceped, instead of addon?

  • Addon ped hasn't been working for me in a few months so I've just been installing them as replace peds to work around that, however, there are a few streamed ped models I have, (the ones that have a folder with it, like the new superman cloth cap one) and I'm not sure how to do that, is it possible?


    Why make them an add-on yourself?

    All meth0d's mod did file wise (so not counting the menu script part of it) was creating a dlcpack, adding the files to that and creating a peds.xml with the meta lines to it
    Every ped gets a single line of information needed by the game

    Nothing you can't do manually and then spawn the ped via trainer

  • Add-on Peds gives me the message : "'(____ was not located in ped.rpf)" whenever I try to spawn a custom pedmodel through both the L menu and trainers, would be great to find out what's causing that, but in the mean time I've just been replacing in-game npcs. But streamed ped model installation I haven't learned yet.


    Have you looked at the guide I've just finished especially for questions like yours?


    I'd advise against replacing most streamed peds as you'd risk breaking cutscenes big time

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