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Question about texture location

  • I am currently trying to replace all of the textures in Franklin's room with real life textures. I can not find the location of this specific coke bottle anywhere. It also doesn't show up on the tool that I normally use for this. Does anyone know where to find this bottle in openIV?

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/SYRtgVM

  • @philiptcash1
    I believe it's here:


    Texture is stored inside the '.yft'. It can be extracted as a '.dds' using OpenIV's Model Viewer (bottom right '[ Export Embedded Textures ]') or Texture Toolkit can be used too. Edit in Photoshop etc & then put it back into the 'v_ret_247_popbot4.yft' using Texture Toolkit. There may be other ways but that's how I would do it :thumbsup:
    Also, don't know what you are using to find your info but you want to move up to Codewalker :thumbsup:

    Codewalker Basics:

    • Open Codewalker > hit the left pointing arrow at the top right > 'Selection' Tab > tick 'Mouse select (right-click)' box > change 'Mode' drop-down to what you are interested in viewing/editing (you just want to leave it on 'Entity' I think but have a look at the other Modes in the drop-down when you get the basics down :thumbsup:). It's a very powerful bit of kit Codewalker.
    • Move to the location of the item you want info on or want to edit (WSAD to move (Shift = Faster) & mouse click & drag to look).
    • Right-click the item (it should turn green) & info about it should be displayed in the text box at the right-hand side of the screen (drag the side of it left so you can see all the lines of text etc).
    • Once you have the name of something (look right at the bottom of the list) you can use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for it & have a look/edit it.

    There is a bit more info on using Codewalker on it's Github page here. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th lots of great info in this comment. Thank you so much!

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