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TMNT Party Wagon

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    This is another custom car I've been working on for awhile now. Here is a render of the original I built. It wasn't the best topology and UV mapping it was crazy. So I decided to re-build it.
    alt text
    Much cleaner and just looks a lot more high poly overall. I will post the video of the mod once I get it built. Shouldn't take me much longer since I'll probably end up using my original texture.
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    Might need to do some modifications because I'm sure the UV's wont like up exactly the same. And I see it could use a little work here and there so I will post the updated texture mapping to once its all complete.

  • Update on my model


    @Sharppy looks cool

  • wow cool :open_mouth:

  • Thank you!
    Here is test one. It actually has guns but I haven't put the mesh on yet. Video and the truck are still amazing. I always have problems with collision so I'm hoping to solve that issue to for this and the mach 6.

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    Here is my updated texture map as well. I did most of the fine tuning on sketchbook designer using a wacom intuos. Came out nice and I still have room for more if I need it. I should of made 2 maps one for the outside shell and another for the interior. Didn't know it would get to be so detailed lol.

  • Still some bugs but this is some funny stuff.

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