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  • Hi Everyone, Happy 2019 =3 mmmhhh looks suspicious.

    i would like to know as i purchase this game through Steam and played a bit but wasnt interested in the online game as i wanted just to play with the great mods out there.

    i have had tremendous problems , lucky i did a backup after my initial install , now from the backup i did and re installed, do i still need to go back to steam to register it again or can i skip that as it will update the latest and create more problems. will i have to suffer the pain of going through as if it a total new install and register also to Rockstar before i can access the game.

    Will i have to go through the beginning of the game play to unlock it or can i skip that also via a save game that i have used from this site .

    am i asking the right questions , thanks guy.


  • @impo60 If you have the option to Save game onto this machine or Cloud save, you wouldn’t have to restart anything, worked for me so.

    When you have problems with mods, it’s best to verify integrity after you deleted that mod if you didn’t have a backup which is always recomended. If you decide to reinstall the game, you wouldn’t have to go through all the boring stuff, you would just hit run game and it would set up the components for you. But some scripts may be still there so if you ever need to reinstall the game, just delete the entire gta folder for a fresh clean start. If you know the scripts, then you can delete them manually and not have to reinstall the game, but if you are not sure, just demolish the folder :)

  • @MegaDeveloper
    Thanks Mega Developer for your help:relaxed:

  • @impo60 My pleasure

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