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Menyoo won't work.

  • There is no crashing, it just doesn't pop up. i press f8, and i am sick of using native trainer. It just doesn't pop up.

    I am running the newest version of menyoo, script hook v, and gta 5.


  • WOOOOW thanks! for telling me how to do it, but telling me how to write a forum post!


    @Xaylar no need to be rude. We can’t help you without all that info, that’s why I linked it.

    That’s also why it’s pinned at the top of the forum

  • @Xaylar It is always recomended to have all the VERY important scripts such as Scripthook, scripthookvdotnet and nativeui.

    Check the INI file and make sure that F8 is the key to open the Menu. If you have Object mode and the option to bring up the menu set to F8, it will not run but show up a message saying Menyoo is not open or something.

    And if you don’t get any of those messages, you probably installed it wrong.

    Drag everything in the ZIP into your gta folder, not in Scripts(I assumed you read it...)

    Also you’re lucky to have someone help and respond to your thread with that kind of attitude you presented. All you said was that you had scripthook installed and that was it.

    Another version of yours:
    Help, I have scripthook installed, but the trainer for it does not work, help!

    Wouldn’t it be helpful if you mentioned where you installed the components right?????? What if I put the trainer in my Scripts folder without telling you? Of course it wouldn’t work, but it would have been helpful to tell us where the location you installed scripts.

    Are you a bit triggered of what I said? Don’t be, it’s a lesson. Do not reply to this comment to just argue with me, you’re wasting your time. Show some respect to users that actually help around the community. If you didn’t know that, then well that’s another lesson for you to sink in.

  • @MegaDeveloper I'm sorry for my attitude as I have changed, but after seeing yes it is set to f8 and I do have everything installed for it, it still wont open. I hope you can answer.

  • i have a problem where gta gets laggy in startup and no trainer works ive tried menyoo naitive and simple trainer none work my addon cars are working cause i had 1 in my garage and its still working just fine so nothing wrong with dlc list.xml its a trainet issue any ideas?(pireted version patch 1.41)


    @Tiredshinigami buy the game.

  • @MegaDeveloper hi sorry I know you posted this a long time ago but I read in your comment that menyoo wont open if you had object mode. What is that and how do i change it?

  • Im having same issue, its the latest version and in the GTAV directory folder and nothing happens... been struggling for 4 hours now

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