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downloaded GTA Realism 0.9 and now my game wont run!!!!

  • as title states i have downloaded and installed this mod as per the installation video.

    but now when i run my game it crashes at the first loading screen after the main menu, does the same in safe mode.

    does anyone know how to fix this or easiest way to uninstall the mod.

    i do have a backup UPDATE folder on my desktop do i just drag and drop that into the directory via file explorer or Oiv

  • @HostileUnicorn

    Always look at the 'Last Updated' at the bottom of the mod's Description page to get an idea of the risk involved in installing it. The more complicated & older a mod is, the more risk.

    GTA Realism 0.9's is:

    Last Updated: May 13, 2016

    Looking at the description & the 1.8GB file size I would doubt all of that went into the 'update' folder. Although it's most likely the game will load after you replace it with your backup (just overwrite the 'update' folder in Windows Explorer like you would for any folder) I suspect GTA Realism 0.9 files went into the 'x64a>w.rpf's also (some of them anyway).
    If you used a 'mods' folder you're fine. Just replace all the 'mods' folder archives with the ones from the game folder. If not, it may get a little trickier (although there is a small chance you might like the changes).
    Overwrite the 'update' folder & see where that gets you & we'll take it from there. Let me know how you get on :thumbsup:

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