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unplayable stutter no matter settings/mods

  • to start off my sys specs are as follows:
    gtx 1070
    ryzen 5 1600
    gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 mobo
    16gb ddr4 ram @ 2400mhz
    installed on 1tb hdd.

    Every time the weather is on something other than extra sunny the game basically shits the bed and stutters like fucking crazy, in turn making me fucking crazy lol. i just bought this card to replace a 770 4gb and the game objectively runs worse now because of all the stutters. ive tried like 20 different "fixes" but nothing helps. the most annoying part is that it was running absolutely fine the other day with no stutters at all no matter the weather, then i go to play again and the bullshit is back.
    im literally tearing my hair out at this problem and wonder if anyone else knows anything about it. also when running the benchmark right before the game was working properly i had even worse stutters and textures not loading at all, then when i started it up again it was fine. ive tried reseating ram, bunch of windows settings, have the ryzen balanced plan but nothing works. at this point gta 4 runs smoother which i thought id never say lol.


    @Rizzle45 run the game with all mods and scripts disabled to see if it changes anything

  • @Reacon i have, ran the game totally modless after i reinstalled it and no difference

  • @Rizzle45
    Here's a few things to try (ignore any you've done already):

    • Download & use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall your GPU driver (in Windows Safe Mode) & then redownload (don't use the same copy if you have one stored) & install the newest driver.

    • Rename/temporarily remove 'scripts' folder & also remove any '.asi' plugins from main GTA V folder.

    • Test game without 'mods' folder if you are using one.

    • Make sure 'GTA5.exe' is set to 'High' priority in Task Manager (Task Manager > Right-click 'GTA5.exe' > 'Set CPU Priority' > 'High'). You can use a program like Prio to set the priority permanently so that 'GTA5.exe' starts with 'High' priority every time (it reverts to 'Normal' priority each start otherwise).
      Note: This is mostly just 'good practice' for GTAV rather than diagnostic but it won't hurt (can fix missing textures/road disappearing sometimes).

    • Use MSI Afterburner (or something similar) to monitor CPU core usage independently (ie make sure that NONE of your cores hit near 100% at any point).

    • Run 'sfc /scannow' from elevated (admin privileges) command prompt. Instructions here.

    • Check GPU power saving settings. 'Maximum Performance' in Nvidia Control Panel etc

    • Run 'mdsched.exe' memory diagnostic. Search for it in Windows/run from 'run' command. It's built into Windows 7>10.
      HCI Memtest is also good to show if your memory is stable. It can be run while logged in (no need to restart/boot from CD etc). Put '2048' in 'Enter megabytes of RAM to test' box & then run multiple instances to test more RAM at the same time to cover all your RAM quicker. However you do it, it'll test all your RAM eventually.

    • Run check disk on OS & game hard drive (if different). Instructions here.

    • Use CPU-Z to make sure your RAM is running as it should (ie NOT in dual-channel or something if it's triple/quad channel etc)

    • Maybe reinstall system/motherboard drivers from manufacturers site also, if none of the above has done anything.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks, ill try a few of those because ive done most already lol. i might just end up doing a clean windows install when i buy an ssd in a few weeks if none of these help

  • @Rizzle45
    It was a quick copy & paste from another thread. The priority ones for you to try are Display Driver Uninstaller & check disk :thumbsup:
    I suspect you're looking at corrupt driver files (DDU should fix that :thumbsup:) or your game install has become corrupt, although that doesn't quite add up given that you have reinstalled already? (corruption does happen with GTA V, has tendency to eat itself if pushed too far. I had a weird one where shooting into water would cause the game to go mental (artifacts, lag etc), ran perfectly otherwise. Only a reinstall to a new location would fix it (try that if reinstall game again (forget it if reinstall OS) even if it's just slightly renaming the folder structure) so suspect it had something to do with registry but it really made no sense!)
    After that, next priority would be testing your memory I think. Hope you get it fixed mate :thumbsup: Let us know if you find a solution :thumbsup:


    If other games (like IV) runs smooth I'd rather suspect V itself

    Drivers up to date? If so, did you try removing the settings.xml and start fresh?
    And always do bug fixing without mods folder and asi / dll scripts active

  • @Rizzle45

    @ReNNie Just made me think of something also. Corrupted save file. Try loading an older save & see if there is any difference? :thumbsup:

    Edit: Also, vanilla timecycle or have you modded your timcycle files (w_clouds.xml, w_clear.xml etc) or 'weather.xml' at all? Somehow, I presumed not but that question needs to be eliminated.
    You might try pulling 'cfg.dat' & 'pc_settings.bin' out of where they are sitting (make backup, place somewhere else etc) & reloading the game (new ones will be created. Search for them on hard drive as Rockstar in all their wisdom have placed them in different locations depending on what version of GTA V you have. You'll find them in the same folder, usually where your save files are).

  • @a63nt-5m1th yo that actually a great idea ill try that

  • i think i fixed it, dunno how but im not questioning it at this point lol

  • @Rizzle45
    Tis not for us to know the will of the GTA Gods. :slight_smile: Glad you got it fixed :thumbsup:

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