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Weird frame desync like problems with mods on

  • This only happens with mods on, game is smooth but the image produced is like stuttery any idea why?? Already tried with vsync on same thing

    You can take it look here to see what im talking about : https://streamable.com/r7x0d

  • @YungC1661
    Need a bit more info to have a go at solving this:

    • System specs?
    • Resolution?
    • Frame rate? (Min, Max, Average for both mods On & Off).
    • Gaming on Desktop PC or Laptop?
    • What mods are you using?
    • New install or played fine & has just started happening?
    • Happen all the time in all weathers or only in certain circumstances?
    • Other games play fine?
    • Is your Mom hot? If so, what's her number? (that's a joke :slight_smile:, probably a bad one).
    • Any other information you deem relevant?

    Give us that info & I'll have a better idea of what might be going on. :thumbsup:

    Best Guess: You don't have enough RAM. Maybe try Shader Cache: ON in Nvidia Control Panel (not sure of AMD equivalent name) if not on already.

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