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LSPDFR Albo1125.Common

  • Albo1125.Common Don't enter the car everything is normal,Crash when I enter the vehicle

    try No such problem

  • @johnny8937 You should ask this on the lspdf forums as they would be more focused on that project instead of here. Small chance someone would help you with this problem on here.

  • That's okay @johnny8937 I can cover that.

    Is it your game that crashes or is it Rage Plugin Hook?

    If it is RPH that gives you crashes, then I'm almost certain that the problem lies in the fact that Albo's plugins are mostly outdated. He finished (or at least suspended) his modding career.

    Now, as you may already know, LSPD:FR plugins each, have to be updated IAW the latest update... It's probably the sh1tt135t workflow I have ever heard of... :/ This in turn means that any plugins that authors no longer support will simply no longer be fully compatible with LSPD:FR. You can use them alright. But sometimes they may fail.

    Sadly, this status quo will not change unless R* stops pushing out new updates, and we are finally able to produce a definite and final release of Rage Plugin Hook and LSPD:FR (plus, some of the best plugins of course).

    For once, I have given up trying to find any help (read: consolation ;)) on LSPD:FR forums because they simply cannot handle support requests. And believe me, these questions pop up on an hourly basis. Which should give you a good idea on how glitchy LSPD:FR sometimes is.

    It really depends on the situation and throw of a dice combination of little variables. Lately I had four consecutive, enjoyable, crash-free LSPD:FR gaming sessions. Other times, I get a crash or two.

  • @TheMurderousCricket I can relate in regards to some sessions are fine and others have issues. Typically it's just the LSPDFR plugin that crashes and not a full game crash, which makes it easier to get back up and going. The main issue I had turned out to be that in order to get RPH to load, I had to use the commandline for forcing the game to load in windowed mode and then manually switch it back to full screen once loaded in.

  • Exactly @Anonymoused281 - the game itself (as in "gtav.exe") is not affected as you can still play it. It is a plugin that fails.

    Hmm... had no such issue regarding windowed mode, but it doesn't sound serious if you can run RPH after all.

    In mine (well, our) case, the problem is that my niece likes to play with a custom-set character but it needs a few Menyoo tweaks before it is ready. If LSPD:FR crashes, a few steps need to be taken to truly reset it.

    In any case, all one needs to do is simply type "ReloadAllPlugins" in the console and they will reload. It shouldn't be necessary though...

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