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Make a Custom Car Name

  • Hi!

    I´ve a Problem

    I made a Add On Car of the Bison everything works fine exept the Car Name...

    When I entering the Vehicle or the Mod Shop it shows the Make Name and the Vehicle Category but not the Name of the Vehicle.

    Can anyone help me ?

  • @BB20
    I think you will have to add the name to 'global.gxt2' to get it to appear. I haven't done this or any renaming but that's my best guess. This thread & also this one are probably worth a read :thumbsup:

  • Hi !

    Thanks for the help, but I have already edited the file and inserted in my data folder but nothing happens...

  • @BB20
    As mentioned, I've never done this but you placed the 'global.oxt' into all of the language '.rpf's' in your dlc?

    Example file structure:


    Provide some screens of where you have placed the 'global.gxt/oxt' file (showing file/folder structure) & the edits you have made to it & I might be able spot something. Also a screen shot of the 'vehicles.meta' file showing the game name etc :thumbsup:

  • @BB20 First you need to go to the vehicles.meta of your addon car.
    You should see some lines, the important ones are:


    On VehicleMakeName, put the make of your vehicle, for example FORD, on game name, put something that identifies the model, for example, MUSGT

    Now you should go to the globat.gxt2 and edit it, add two new lines, one that represents the name of the vehicle make, and another one from the model, like that:

    FORD = Ford
    MUSGT = Mustang GT

    Once you did it, put the global.gxt2 back on "..\dlc.rpf\x64\data\lang\yourlanguagedlc.rpf" and it's done.

  • @xEnzo
    Yeah, I think he figured it out as he has released it.
    Correct me if I'm wrong on my ^previous statement & damn fine work on your first mod! Great attention to detail :thumbsup: Looking forward to seeing more from you (& secretly hoping you like muscle cars :slight_smile:)

  • @xEnzo

    Thanks for your Info !

    It worked :)


    And how I love muscle cars...my dream car would be Eleanor...

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