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[SCRIPT] - A Placeable Time Trial/Checkpoint Marker & Lap Timer

  • Placable Time Trial Checkpoint -

    I reckon this should be pretty easy for someone with even basic scripting skills to make (might make a good first project perhaps?) & I can see it being popular with those who drive on modded racetrack maps & such. Might interest mod authors that create their own handling too.

    The simplest way I envision this is that the player picks a point somewhere on the road, hits a controller combo or keyboard key to set it's location. Then if they drive over that location in a vehicle a timer starts & displays somewhere on the screen (top right would be my preference). If they then drive over that spot again the timer records the lap record displaying the fastest lap & starts a new lap. A fastest lap visual record permantly displayed, the current lap timer & maybe the last couple of lap times would be all that was needed.
    There's no need to define the race course or add section checkpoints or anything as complicated as that. Something simple, just drop the marker & get straight into time trialing the vehicle you're driving. The Player then decides which route to take before returning to the checkpoint marker. This allows for a lot of freedom & as long as the same route is run the times will be valid for comparison.

    Background -

    I'm a driver & a time trial fanatic. I have my favourite routes with a variety of different corners that I use to test out vehicles & their handling. Having a visual timer to work off of would make a huge difference to the accuracy of what I do & remove any need to hit a stopwatch with my nose or teeth (I don't do that lol but it's just about the only other way I could semi-accurately record lap times).

    Extra -

    If the author wanted to add a visual Start/Finish line marker prop or even a checkered line over the road I feel this might gain wider appeal but all I really require is the lap timer :thumbsup:


    Thanks to anyone who considers doing this :thumbsup:

  • Good idea. But, for now, the existing "Community races" can be used just for the purpose.

    You can just pick (or duplicate) one of the races from the ones provided. Then, enter the game, get the checkpoints coords and enter them to a respective .xml file. Voila, you have your own circuit with a finish line counting as a time trial marker. :slight_smile:

    But I get the point - you want a tool where you can automatically save checkpoints "on the fly" without text editing every damn number. Also, I'm afraid "Community races" does not allow MP and add-on cars as racing vehicles.

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