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Many, Many Ideas, So little experience pt. 1

  • Hello guys! My name is Wetter42. I'm new here, but I am so excited. I'd like to start modding GTA V, but don't know where to start. The first thing I want to do is something fairly complex! I want to tear off the chunk of the map that is Los Santos international airport, modify it (to be more like Los Angeles airport), and put it back into the map. Sounds easy enough. I'll place the steps below:

    1. Export the GTA V map into a graphical program such as 3ds max, or ue4
    2. make any necessary program changes
    3. split the map at the airport area
    4. moving airport away
    5. making modifications to blah blah blah leaving the borders in tact
    6. carefully, re-place the separate chunk of map back (at the borders)
    7. re-converting the map back into gta v somehow.

    So if anyone is experienced in map exportation/splitting/modification, or converting, and can offer me any advice, tools used, and an appropriate timeframe, I would love to get to work! Thanks!

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